Information on how we process you personal data

The present section includes information about the way in which we process your personal data and details your rights in respect to that and in conformity with the GDPR- EU Regulations 679/2016.

Responsibility for personal data processing

Minex Romania is responsible for your personal data protection, in its quality as data processor/operator. Minex Romania is a Romanian resident company, based in in Bucharest, Bulevardul Metalurgiei nr. 85, cam. 4, cod postal 041832, having the fiscal code RO25370700 and being registered under the number J40/4219/2009.

What kind of personal data do we process?

For the reasons mentioned below, we process personal data that have been submitted to us directly by our clients when they were sending specific requests. These data have been voluntarily delivered to us. We own them due to previous business relations developed in time with our clients, potential clients and partners. We also process data we got from third parties such as public authorities or services specialized in delivering information. We also generate data by ourselves while processing the information obtained as presented above. All these data can be categorized in the following groups:

  • Identification data such as: name, surname, identity number, series and numbers of personal identity cards, date and place of birth etc.
  • Contact information such as: residential address/company address/postal address, e-mail address, phone number, mobile number etc.
  • Professional data such as: information related to the level of education, profession, position in a company, working place, field of activity, etc.
  • Banking information such as: bank account (IBAN)

In some situations, for a proper reply to a client’s inquiry, along with his personal data, the information we process can belong to the following categories of related individuals: mandates and legal representatives or conventional representatives of the clients, suggested contact persons as specified by the clients, clients’ final users. It is the responsibility of the clients to inform those persons that their data will be processed in relation to them.

Please do not send us any special personal data such as your connection to different syndicates, data related to your political or religious views, health related data, and others alike.

Why do we process your data and under which legal terms?

For fulfilling a contract or for covering all commercial procedures before contracting, such as:

Examples: sending an offer, processing an inquiry, servicing, product delivery, processing data related to paying and receiving payments. In this case, the data processing is related to a contract or connected to commercial procedures based on your inquiry.

For fulfilling our legal obligations

We are legally obliged to process and retain your data for being able to make our clients’ information recognizable/identifiable especially in front of public authorities. Your data are processed and stocked for financial and accounting purposes, according to the fiscal laws into force in Romania. Internal and auditing purposes lay also under our obligations. We also need to report our activity to the public authorities and to offer them the information in case of controlling or based on a particular request received from them. Other reasons for processing and retaining your data are related to the normal continuity of our commercial activity, data security systems and physical security at our premises.

In our legitimate interest

If necessary, we will process your data for claiming the debts you might have according to the contracts signed with Minex Romania or for preventing any frauds.

For marketing purposes

If you wish to participate in our loyalty programs, at different events we organize online or offline, at market studies we conduct or if you simply wish to periodically receive information from us (in form of newsletters, or in form of mailings), we will need your personal consent.

In case you have already offered us your consent, you can also retreat it for either one or for all the above-mentioned marketing activities, without being forced to mention any reason for your choice. All you have to do is to send us your written request

  • by e-mail at:
  • by post at the following address: Minex Romania, Bulevardul Metalurgiei nr. 85, sector 4, 041832 Bucuresti, Romania
  • by leaving it at the reception of our premises at the following address: Minex Romania, Bulevardul Metalurgiei nr. 85, sector 4, 041832 Bucuresti, Romania
  • by sending it while using the contact forms available on our sites: and
  • by modifying or deleting your personal profile on

Who might also have access to your data?

For being able to organize and implement the activities as described above, we cooperate with series of suppliers that will also have access to your data, under the same limitations as us.

These suppliers are representatives of the operator and act strictly based on instructions received from us. They are not allowed to further give the data away to third parties, unless legal obligations and public authorities might ask for it. The suppliers’ list will be always up to date and available to you here.

Our suppliers

SC 9 Online Util SRL – IT and direct marketing services
Bulveradul Garii Obor nr. 12, Bl B2, etj. 6, apt. 26
Sector 2, Bucuresti
CUI RO29304393

SC Niva Solutions SRL – IT services
Str. Cap Ivan Anghelache nr. 2, Bl M28, sc. 1, ap. 50,
Sector 5, Bucuresti
CUI RO 17514243

SCP Udrescu & Asociatii Societate Civila de Avocati – legal services
Str. Stefan Negulescu nr. 34, et. 2, ap. 3
Sector 1, Bucuresti
CUI RO31351303
Decizie: 583/04.03.2013

If necessary, your data will be submitted to other third parties, for legal purposes or according to our legal rights into recover any debts you might have developed during a contract with Minex Romania. This third parties refer to bailiffs, courts, police etc.

For how long will we keep your data?

We keep your data only for those periods of time that are necessary for completing our activities and legal obligations as mentioned in this document. For those data that need your particular consent we inform you that they will be kept and processed until to moment you retreat us this right by communicating it written format as mentioned in the chapter “for marketing purposes”.

If you have already signed a commercial contract with Minex Romania we will respect the legal obligations we have in keeping and processing your data according to the fiscal and other legal prescriptions into force in Romania.

Your rights

Data protection on our web pages

Your private protection when accessing our web pages is very important for us. Therefore we let you know how we process your data during this type of interaction. For and for Minex Romania is entirely responsible. When processing your information we act entirely and exclusively while respecting the legislation into force.

This information is restricted and applicable only for the 2 mentioned web pages, respectively for, including their related domains, and has no impact on pages controlled by others. Please check the policies and information data provided by web pages controlled and operated by third parties, as we do not take any responsibility for their content and measures related to data protection.

Data security

For protecting your data on our web pages we took all technical and organizational measures for keeping them safe from manipulations or unauthorized access. Furthermore we make sure that all protocols are up to date.

Collecting and protecting personal data

Data you deliver

We process the personal data according to the legislation into force. In case you communicate with us or if you fulfill a contact form on our web pages we would like to let you know that we will process this information as specified and described in this document.

In case you use a service we offer, you will be asked to introduce your data but we exclude the possibility to correlate it with the access protocol information. Collecting your IP is anonymously done and justified for creating a unique user profile.

Data we collect

If you visualize our web page, the data is automatically registered through Cookies. For more information about the Cookies our sites use, please read the chapter “use of Cookies”.


Minex Romania does not process the data exclusively alone, but in cooperation with specialized partners, which act based on our terms and instructions.

Our partners are not allowed to use the personal data they access for other reasons that the ones specified in the contracts signed with Minex Romania and they are also not allowed to share the data with third parties unless they have a legal obligation.

How do we collect your data on our webpages?

Offer inquiry

In case you send us an inquiry for an offer for a specific product we sell, the data you sent us while completing the contact forms existing on each product page in part will be processed by us for being able to respond to your particular request and for contacting you for this specific reason. The data can be further used for marketing purposes in case you specified that you are interested in receiving newsletters from us. For this purpose the data will be processed in cooperation with our partners, as they have been mentioned in the “List of suppliers” and the information will be secured according to the legislation into force.

General inquiry

Even if you are our client or not, you can still send us inquiries on our web page, while introducing your data into the main contact form. We will process your data for replying to your request or for marketing purposes if you indicated that you are interested in receiving newsletters from us. For this purpose the data will be processed in cooperation with our partners, as they have been specified in the “List of suppliers” and the information will be secured according to the legislation into force.

Information request on our web page

Even if you are our client or not, you can still ask for specialized information while accessing our web page You will therefore introduce your data in the registration form or you will access your personal profile previously defined by you on the web page. We will process your data for responding to your request or for marketing purposes if you indicated us that you are interested in receiving newsletters from our side. For this purpose, the data will be processed in cooperation with our partners, as they have been specified in the “List of suppliers” and the information will be secured according to the legislation into force.

How long do we keep your data on our web pages?

We will keep your data till the moment you will withdraw your consent in written format, as specified in this document.

Your rights in respect to personal data protection

According to GDPR your rights related to personal data protection as they have been described above in the section “Your rights” are entirely valid and applicable in case of the data collected and processed via our web pages, too.


What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small text file that saves your Internet settings. Almost each web page uses this technology. It is downloaded by your Internet browser when firstly accessing a web page. When accessing the web page afterwards, while using the same device the Cookies and the saved information are sent back to the web page that created them (First Party Cookie) or to another web page they belong to (Third Party Cookie). This web page will recognize that you are revisiting the site and will vary in some cases its content in order to display for you information that is relevant based on previous searches.

Some Cookie files are very useful for improving the user experience when revisiting a web page. When using the same device and the same browser, the Cookie files remember your preferences, they communicate the way in which you use a particular web page and adapt the display of offers so that it corresponds to your personal needs. Most Cookies we use are automatically deleted from your hard disk when finalizing your browser session ("Session Cookies"). Furthermore, we use Cookies that remain on your hard disk after closing the browsing session. In this case the main purpose is to improve the user experience when you will access again the same pages.

Your Cookie setting on our web pages

Use of Cookies for which we do not need your consent

These Cookie files are absolutely necessary (called "strictly necessary"), as they are responsible for functionalities without which the web page would not be able to be properly accessed online. These files are the so-called First Party Cookies. They are stocked on your computer only during the browsing session. Furthermore, such Cookie files make sure that, for example, when changing the page from http into https the functionalities are not affected and the security protocols related to data transfer are respected. Last but not least, such Cookies save your decision about using or not other types of Cookies the webpage might use. For using First Party Cookies there is no need of your particular consent.

The Cookie files that are absolutely necessary can not be deactivated directly on the webpage. For deactivating such Cookies, you will have to deactivate all Cookies in your browser.